lørdag den 6. juni 2009

Get laid today, simple description!

You know how women always say they wish men were better listeners? Well, here's the answer to that problem! Follow these four easy steps and be the good listener all women love!

Step 1: Clear Your HeadIn order to be a good listener, you have to clear your head. Stop thinking about work, school, bills, and really listen to what they have to say. I especially recommend this for guys who are getting to know a woman as this will tell you a lot about her personality and her quality. Remember when you clear your head you are ready to LISTEN, not just hear.

Step 2: Show Genuine InterestTry to ask questions or follow up questions about the story or topic. Women love that because it shows that not only are you really listening, but you're interested enough to want to clarify and know more about what they're talking about. This scores big points!

Step 3: Offer Help or AdviceAsk her if she needs any help with the situation or ask her if she'd like your opinion or advice. Remember to ask first! Don't just spout out words of wisdom as they may be unwelcome. Sometimes women just need someone to listen, not necessarily solve the problem. The fact that you asked shows that you respect that she can do this on her own, plus it shows you do care about everything she just said.

Step 4: Reassure and Go over the Main PointsWhether advice is requested or not, go over the main points with her again. Like a re-cap or asking follow up questions. Then summarize it and reassure her that it will be okay, and that she's in the right. This is quite important if you're just getting to know a girl. You don't want her to see you as someone that may oppose her in the future. Show her your support!

If you've ever wondered why women can spend hours with each other on the phone, it's not because they have endless things to talk about. Okay, it partly is, but a big part of girl to girl phone time requires listening. Being a good listener is something women love and many people value. You score a lot of points by being a good listener because any woman would love to be able to confide in and talk about anything with the guy she likes.

onsdag den 3. juni 2009

what to ask on a date ?

Well great work on scoring that date! It must have a little nerve-wrecking and scary but hell, you just asked this amazing girl out and you can't wait for tonight anymore.
Everything is all prepared to the tiniest detail and you've been raving about it all day. But before you zoom out the door, do you have any idea what to talk about with this girl during your date? Here are some great questions to ask a girl to save yourself from a little dead air. Have a great night ahead!

• The basics: books, music, movies. You can never with this trio. Everybody has at least one favorite book, song and movie. Talk about your favorite authors, singers, movie scenes, and then hint that there's a good film coming up next week you're dying to see, or perhaps a concert you'd like to attend or party that you'd want to crash, and you'd love if she'd come along. Another date coming on the way...

• Favorites. The list for this one is endless. Color, food, hang-out, subject, holiday, vacation spot, sport, TV show, actor, rock band, pet, drink, athlete, season, day of week, month of the year, --- you can talk about at least a million. Take time to breath though, and also appreciate your food, music and ambience.

• Hobbies and interests. A great subject to get to know each other deeper. You can always point out your similarities and differences with the kind of activities that you do. Maybe you're both into painting and that a great opening for you for your second date: ask her to come with you visit the art gallery.

Save yourself a bad date and be sensitive with your companion. Watch out for body language and flirting signals so you can both get excited while getting to know each. A date is supposed to be special and meaningful and it's always best for you to come prepared. However, loosen up, relax, be confident and enjoy yourself throughout.

5 question to ask the gorgeous girl in the bar :)

If you are involved with someone, you may want to take a boyfriend girlfriend test to see just how much the two of you have in common. You may be surprised at just how little you know about your sweetie. Here are 5 questions to ask them:

1.) What is your favorite thing to do with me? Asking them this will help you identify whether you share the same interests and hobbies. If you like fishing and they like going to the movies, you may have to rethink your plans the next time you are together. Learning the answer to this will help you find compromise in your relationship when it comes to planning time together.

2.) What is my birthday? This is an important question because it helps you know how important you are to them. People tend to remember the special dates of their loved ones. Keep in mind that if you haven't been dating long, they may not know your special day, but the boyfriend girlfriend test is a good time for them to learn.
3.) Do you feel comfortable coming to me about any and everything? If they say that they do not feel comfortable, you should reflect on whether or not you make yourself open and available to them. If you have done this, it may be a personal problem that they have with opening up and this boyfriend girlfriend test will give you a chance to help them overcome that.

4.) Do you completely trust me on every level? This is probably the most important question on this boyfriend girlfriend test. Trust is absolutely the biggest part of any relationship and if they don't trust you then that is something that needs to be worked out immediately. Find out whether or not their mistrust has any basis on reality or if it is their own insecurity. Either way it needs to be talked about openly and not ignored.

5.) How far do you want this relationship to go? Both of you need to be aware of how the other feels about the future of your relationship. People tend to be more open when taking a boyfriend girlfriend test than they are at other times, so now is the time to get honest answers about where this relationship is headed. If you have different expectations then you are better off knowing now rather than finding out later and getting hurt. This is another issue that can be easily worked through if you are proactive in dealing with it.

Would you like to find out more on the importance of questions and knowing your partner before making a commitment?Do you just want a huge list of questions that may determine your happiness?Are you in a relationship and want to find out more about your partner?

flirt and be funny :)

Attracting women is every guy's dream. Well, okay, not everyone. Some people live the dream, other's gave up on dreaming, and still others don't prefer females. However, if you're like most guys, you want women to find you attractive. So what's the secret? How can some people walk up to a lady, say a few things in her ear, and instantly the as she smiles, the girl's eyes glaze over, and you can tell the woman is attracted to him. What exactly is there secret?
In some ways, they don't have a secret, other then they have been persistent in the past, until they found out what works. But what do they do now that they didn't do before?
Most men need to appear to be well groomed and healthy, if they want a women to at least give them a second look. A shave, a haircut, and having a good modern style of clothes is a good start. Some men are better off just shaving there head rather than attempting hair growth products, or comb-over hair styles. Others have a thick head of hair and need to keep it trimmed up. You should talk with a hair stylist and ask them the latest hair styles, and what would work best for you, and check magazines before attempting.
Physical looks is just a start. You can be groomed and well kept but if you trip over yourself and fall on your face, it's not going to impress anyone. You need to practice moving deliberately, with intention. Think, then act with purpose. A women finds guys who move smoothly with a certain charm to be attractive. You need to practice balance, and that means flexibility, fitness and strength. Why not try an exercise and/or Yoga class, there's plenty of women you can meet there, and practice being smooth.
Looks can only take you so far, you need to be able to talk to women. Practice being flirtatious and flirting with women, and be an attractive person, and women will be attracted to you. Once you have found and attracted women, you will be able to use your knowledge to attract women and use it to eventually get a girlfriend.
Confidence is very important. Many people believe women have a 6th sense to pick up confidence. If you approach her looking nervous, she may feel the same way, and will be uncomfortable, game over before it even starts. If on the other hand, you appear confident, you would be surprised at how easy it can be to get a woman attracted to you.
It's easy to be confident if you know what you are doing. It is important that you have the knowledge of a dating guru if you want the confidence of one.

how to start the conversation

Starting a conversation is difficult for most people. I often get asked by clients how they can start conversations. What advice do I give them? Here's some key pointers to get your next conversation smoothly underway:
1) Smile. I know it's simple, but Dale Carnegie in How to Win Friends and Influence People recommended smiling because of its power.
When a stranger approaches us, our minds use nonverbal signals like facial expressions to analyze if the person is a threat. A smile communicates you are a friendly and safe person to talk to. You're not a creepy stalker (I hope!) so squeeze out a smile. Practice this nonverbal expression on your next approach to make the person happy you came up to them to start a conversation.
2) Ask open-ended questions. If you don't already know what an open-ended question is, it elicits a response beyond yes or no. It puts bait on the ground for any shy creature to devour. Close-ended questions on the other hand, can be answered with a yes or no, and kill a conversation quicker than it began.
You can ask good open-ended questions by thinking about the room your conversational partner has for a response. Begin your questions with "What" and you'll have the person talking with little effort. Examples include: "What brings you to this event?" "What's the meaning behind that necklace?" and "What do you like about this party so far?"
3) Be funny. Don't become a comedian, but a little humor is magic to any conversation. Humor quickly builds rapport with people. It connects people together.
Humor is very objective, but it helps to know that most humor in conversations is not funny. Notice what you and other people laugh at to see most stuff isn't even funny. How can this be?
We laugh in conversation mostly due to a release of tension. Humor isn't an emotion, but a release of emotion. Look at what you joke over, learn from it, then replicate it.
4) Make people comfortable. Your smile, open-ended questions, and humor will make people comfortable, but use this fourth tip to put all three pieces of advice on steroids. Going into a start of a conversation with the intent to make people comfortable brings with you a sense of friendliness people pick up on. It's hard to describe, but do what you can to release people's discomfort.
If a person seems irritated when you approach them, there's no point ignoring it. Use it as a conversation starter Comment on it and ask if there's something you can do for the person.
Here's one simple example: "Hey. I noticed you were annoyed about the store being sold out of chicken. I was after some as well. What's some good substitutes?" Merely addressing the issue can make it vanish instead of having the problem simmer throughout the conversation because you failed to face it at the beginning.
If you begin with a smile, ask an open-ended question, say something funny, and make people comfortable, you'll be surprised at the effect your social skills will have on people. It will seem like magic.